About Us

About us

Foundation was established in 2010, to contribute to raising the efficiency
of services provided to patients in hospitals, to fit with the patient’s
physical and mental health needs.

Since our foundation we raised the logo of quality and proficiency in
working continuously, this was the secret of our success.

The company depends on effective system of quality control in order to
achieve the greatest possible satisfaction of our customers by a modern
style in the work management until we become edifice and we have a
distinctive feature among the major operating companies in the Kingdom.


Our Vision

We aspire to be the leader excellence institution at the local and
international level by offering products and integrated services conform to
the specifications and quality standards in general business contracting and
specialized in public establishments and private beside facilities in various
forms with the highest levels of quality and distinctive qualified and
experienced team And aspirations of Saudi Arabia’s (Vision 2030).


Our Mission

  • Accuracy in action.
  • Speed of delivery.
  • Loyalty and punctuality.
  • Teamwork with our clients.


Our Goals

  • Provide the best services for the public and private contracting.
  • Upgrading work within the local and international standards.
  • Harness all the energies of work , professional and technical
    administrative capacities of the Foundation for outstanding work to
    ensure the quality and high standards.
  • Establish a strong relationship based on mutual trust, integrity and
    credibility of the institution and its clients.
  • To provide appropriate conditions for the work environment and
    training staff in accordance with the work requirements.
  • Meet the challenges in the workplace in all the difficult working
    conditions according to health and safety standards.


Our Scope

  • General contracting and specialized private business for the
    enterprise and public.
  • Specialized business decorative for hospitals and processing
    radiology and laboratory rooms and department (X-Ray,CT,SPECT CT
    ,MRI & Departments of Nuclear Medicine )
  • Decorative design works and furniture for schools and equipment of
    school theaters and halls.
  • Mechanical contracting,HVAC systems and medical gases.
  • The execution of contracts, either directly or through an alliance with
    the related companies through joint contracts for implementation.
  • Woodworks and central equipment kitchens.
  • Works for Photography Channels projects and satellite television
  • – RF shielding for MRI Rooms by cooperation with ITEL
    Telecomunicazioni S.r.l. Company


General Manager: Mr. Abdullah Badukhon

Project Manager: Eng. Samih Al Taraeneh (0557166856)

Director of sales and design: Eng. Zuhdi Abdeen (0500592405)

A consultant and quality control: Eng. Wassif Hamdan (0563774662)